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What are digital editors really looking for?

How can you get more online coverage for your brand or service?

What's the most effective way to use search (SEO) and social media?

Is it worth creating your own original content - and if so, what should it look like?

If these are questions you're asking yourself - whether you're a brand, PR / marketing agency or just someone with a great product to sell - I can help you find the answers.

Drawing on 10 years experience working for some of world's leading digital media companies, I offer a highly personalised consultancy service to suit you and your team and help get more out of what you do online.

Read recommendations from previous clients below, then contact me to have a chat about what you're looking for and where I can help.


"Sam’s bespoke, company–wide training session for Pelham Communications bought to life the processes of navigating the adapting media landscape – with particular focus on our requested realms of culture and digital growth.


His honest, approachable style and in-depth knowledge provided us with a powerful insight into the often closed world of journalism and publishing.


Touching on editorial branding, content creation and social media development, he clearly and concisely overviewed today’s media landscape for us, whilst providing us with an informed glimpse into its future."


 - Jasmin Pelham, Managing and Creative Director of Pelham Communications, the global visual arts communications agency

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